AdoptAgust Collaboration with Exclusively Mongrels - Adopt Don't Shop Collection

AdoptAgust Collaboration with Exclusively Mongrels - Adopt Don't Shop Collection

Dogs are often homeless through no fault of their own. Many of these dogs are crossbreeds and mongrels. A mongrel, a mutt, or a crossbreed is simply a dog that doesn't fit in any breed.

The majority of the stray dog population in Singapore is primarily made up of mongrels. These free-roaming dogs have been under scrutiny of the planned destruction of otherwise healthy animals; it is becoming increasingly unacceptable to a community of mongrel dog advocates.

Exclusively Mongrels Limited is a Non-Profit Organization that knows that 'class' has nothing to do with breed. It is set up by non-pedigree dog owners who appreciate the uniqueness of these types of dogs. They recognized they are something to be proud of and neither inferior nor superior to pedigrees but equally loving, and fun to own.

Exclusively Mongrels is set up to support and promote the mongrels' welfare through a program called "Mongrelization," and participants of mongrelization (POM) are private individuals to corporate donors. This support of funding recognizes mongrel survivors often found in extreme conditions and hardships to meet subsidized medical and food costs. Inhibit reproduction through the trap, sterilize, and release to reduce stray mongrel population.

Exclusively Mongrels has teamed with respected veterinarians to provide subsidized medical provisions. These individual animal activists share the same mission of reducing the stray mongrel population through sterilization, lessen public complaints, and educate the masses. They also work alongside the AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority) to promote Responsible Pet Ownership at all adoption drives.


Why go to a pet shop when there are homeless puppies who need your love? Singapore has hundreds of mongrels in need of homes. If nobody adopts them, they get put to sleep after a life on the streets. These guys deserve better. They deserve a roof over their heads, proper food, and more belly rubs. Adopt to give them a better life.


Because mongrels need us more, everyone knows about Huskies, Corgis, or Poodles, but hardly anyone ever thinks mongrel when they want a dog. They're genuinely the underdogs among dogs. EM is working to change that. We believe that mongrels are just as lovely and twice as fun. They will make great companions if you give them a chance.

Adopt Don't Shop Collection

AdoptAgust is proud to announce the collaboration with Exclusively Mongrels and one of the participants of Mongrelisation. We have created a new collection of merchandise designs under the themes of Adopt, Don't Shop, and Singapore Specials. A portion of the purchase at the store will be donated to them in supporting their rescue and rehabilitation programs. 

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