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Corn Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Dog Slow Feeding Mat For Puppies

Corn Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Dog Slow Feeding Mat For Puppies

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2021 newest interactive dog toy - with a unique corn shape design, we hand-made this 3 In 1 snuffle dog toy out of soft polar fleece.
They are safe, durable, and fun for pets to play with. It can be machine-washed or hand-washed, and we recommended washing it twice a week.

New Snuffle Toys for Dogs - You can hide the snacks in the snuffle toy, then let your dogs find and eat it. It stimulates their foraging instinct, trains their sense of smell, improves their IQ intelligence, and helps beat boredom and destructive behaviors.

Built-in A Chew Toy - This dog chew stick adopts eco-friendly TPR rubber. It is elastic and bites resistant. The convex points on the surface help clean teeth, massage gums, reduce tartar and plaque, and stay away from oral diseases. Dog Cat Toy for Sniff Training Slow Feeding and Teeth Cleaning Functions.

Numerous Applications - Our dog food-dispensing toy is detachable, easy to separate, or combine. It can also be used as a slow feeder bowl, helping control dogs eating speed and prevent choking. Perfect for small and medium cats and dogs.

10% of the purchase will be donated to the animal shelters to help the animal in need. Follow us on FB and IG @AdoptAgust to support our cause.

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