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Multi-Functional Felt Cat Cave, Cat Toys, Foldable Cat Bed

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Why do cats like to hide in boxes so much? Cats get comfort and security from enclosed spaces, which is why they love spending time in cardboard boxes.
They use boxes as hiding places where predators can't sneak up on them from the side or behind. And they don't have in-built conflict resolution strategies, so they much prefer to hide from their problems.
Hence, this cat cave toy is ideal for your cat to hide, lounge around and chill.

- Suitable for cats with weight under 7.5kg / 16.5 lbs.
- Jointed by jute rope, and you can adjust each piece of the felt cloth joint easily.
- The front opening design allows for easy access for the cat.
- Composed of six pieces of felt cloth, durable and wear-resistant, suitable for all seasons;
- Fully expand it to use as half enclosed cat house or concave it to used as a cat bed.
- Handmade Eco-Friendly
- Made of Felt+ Sisal rope
- Color: Brown, Green, Blue
- Size: 38x35x28cm

10% of the purchase will be donated to the animal shelters to help the animal in need. Follow us on FB and IG @AdoptAgust to support our cause.
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