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4-In-1 Dog Leash, Bowl, Waste Dispenser, and Water Bottle

4-In-1 Dog Leash, Bowl, Waste Dispenser, and Water Bottle

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Dehydration is a lack of water in the body and can cause severe complications for pets and people alike.
Water is essential to all living beings, including dogs, who depend on proper daily fluid intake to maintain appropriate health.
A versatile, multi-function dog leash for hiking and outdoors, great for hydrating your dogs.

Dogs Leash with Collapsible Bowl, Treat/Water Bottle, Built-in Waste Bag Dispenser, Hook, Walking Leash for Small, Medium, Large Dogs.
Please note that the leash is a fixed leash (non retractable) non-slip grip tangle-free tape rope belt ribbon for pet.
It provides greater control for you and your dog, and also prevents injury, as retractable leashes are outlawed in 50% of US States as well as in Canada.

🐕【Versatile 4-in-1 Dog Leash】This is the most versatile dog leash ever! Thinking you pay for the dog leash? You get more for what you pay! This is not merely a basic dog leash; it’s a multifunctional dog leash with built-in treat/water bottle, collapsible bowl, hook and waste bag dispenser. Pay for 1 item and get four free bonuses!
🐕【Convenient Solution】Always hassled with the treat, water, and poop problems when taking your pet outside? This leash is the best solution. It’s a perfect pet leash for walking, stroll, jogging, running, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, excursion, trip, travel, etc.
🐕【For Any Size Dogs】Suitable for all small, medium, and large dogs. Tangle-free tape movement, giving pets comfort and maximum freedom while under your control. Length of the rope leash is 1.3m and width is 2cm.
🐕【Durable and Solid】Made of durable and environmentally ABS. Heavy duty case holds a firmly high-quality nylon belt, which is resistant to abrade and tear. Ergonomic anti-slip handle provides a super comfortable grip feeling, especially for those long walks!

10% of the purchase will be donated to the animal shelters to help the animal in need. Follow us on FB and IG @AdoptAgust to support our cause.

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