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Snake Snuffle Toy For Dogs, Dog Slow Feeder, Feeder Puzzle

Snake Snuffle Toy For Dogs, Dog Slow Feeder, Feeder Puzzle

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Snuffle Snake - A Snuffle Puzzle for Dogs - Mental Stimulation Toy

DOG SNIFFING TOY TRAINS PET'S INTELLIGENT AND BEATS BOREDOM: You can hide treats or kibbles in the snuffle toys to encourage dogs' curiosity and natural foraging skills for stress release. This interactive puzzle feeder also trains your dog's sense of smell, expends energy, beats boredom, and prevents destructive behaviors like chewing on shoes and furniture—a puzzle feeder game to stimulate his brain and train his intelligence. 

SLOW EATER DEVICE FOR FAST EATERS: Snuffle Snake Toy is a unique treat dispensing dog toy with many blooming structure portals equipped to hold delicious bits of a dog's favorite kibble or treat. This slow eater toy for fast eaters slows down their eating speed and prevents them from having a twisted stomach. 

EASY TO CLEAN ORGANIC FELT MATERIAL: This dog feeder puzzle is made of food-safe, non-toxic, and high-quality organic felt cloth that is washing machine friendly - Use, Wash, And Rotate! Supervision is required. Please stow it away after feeding and playing for hygiene purposes.

PORTABLE AND EAST TO CARRY: With its unique foldable design, you can easily fold the dog treat toy and take it to the park to play. 

FUN FOR ALL DOGS: This dog puzzle feeder is fun for all dogs, regardless of age, size, or breed. The treat ball is a great way to bond with your dog while teaching basic training commands in a fun way—a great gift for dog lovers this holiday season. 

10% of the purchase will be donated to the animal shelters to help the animal in need. Follow us on FB and IG @AdoptAgust to support our cause.


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