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Sunflower Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Pet Slow Feeding Mat

Sunflower Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Pet Slow Feeding Mat

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Premium sunflower snuffle mat 2021 is the new improved snuffle mat made of soft fleece material.

Improved Designs: Man and animals see colours differently. Dogs are more visually attracted to yellow and blue versus other colours than to humans. Hence we designed the toy based on a bright yellow test result that is more attractive to dogs. The bottom layer of the nose-work mat for dogs has a reinforced anti-slip design for stability while playing.

Pet Dog Nose-Work Training Mat: You can hide treats or kibbles in the snuffle mat to encourage dogs' curiosity and natural foraging skills for stress-release fun play. It also trains your dog's sense of smell, expends their energy, and helps lose weight.

Eco-friendly fabric, durable and non-toxic: We use organic wool material shed from sheep in China's rural mountain farms. They are non-toxic and safe to use. If your dog accidentally eats them, he/she will be fine. No animals are harmed in the process of making them because we are animal advocates. You can throw the toy into the washing machine, and they are also dryer safe.

Slow Feeder Benefits: Pet Dog Sniff Mat mimics the hunt for food in grass and fields. Any animal with a foraging instinct can benefit from this toy as it slows down the feeding speed and aids in better digestion.

Beat boredom and destructive behaviours: The pet treat mat is an interactive puzzle toy suitable for all sizes and dogs' breeds.

Easy storage: It can be rolled up for easy storage and carry for outdoor activity and traveling.

10% of the purchase will be donated to the animal shelters to help the animal in need. Follow us on FB and IG @AdoptAgust to support our cause.

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