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Silicon Tug Of War Dog Toy with Teeth Cleaning Toothbrush

Silicon Tug Of War Dog Toy with Teeth Cleaning Toothbrush

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Does your dog feel bored at home during this pandemic lock-down period?

Are you looking for a dog tug toy that is safe for them to play that will keep them occupied so that you can concentrate on zooming with your work?
This three-in-one toy is fun to play, and they are interactive for brain training and also function as dog toothbrush for oral health. And your furkid will not feel bored or lonely at home.

- This toy with a suction cup is made of TPR material, which is durable and bite-resistant. The rope is the same material as used for body armor, which is super strong and bite-resistant.

- The suction cup can be fixed at the specified position with strong suction. Even if the pet pulls hard, it won't move, so that the dog can play with it for a long time.

- Dog snacks or dog food can be put into the toy and will fall out when they play with it, and this will enhance their interest as it motivates them with treats.

- Teeth Cleaning Function - By biting and chewing while they play, it can help them to clean their teeth and improve oral health.

- Exercise IQ - The built-in bell is fixed inside the toy and won't fall out. When the dog plays with it, the bell will make a sound and attract their attention. This interactive toy is designed to enhance the dog's mental alertness and intelligence.
A portion of this purchase will be donated to animal shelters, rescuers, and feeders.

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