SunflowerCorn Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Slow Feeding Sniff Mat

Benefits Of Using Snuffle Mats For Dogs - Not All Snuffle Mats Are Made The Same

Not All Snuffle Mats Are Made The Same

Man and animals see colors differently. Dogs are more visually attracted to yellow and blue colors versus other colors compared to humans. Hence we designed these dog food mats based on a bright yellow color that is more attractive to dogs. The dog feeding mat is made of high-quality soft polar fleece fabric and organic felt that are organic, durable, and non-toxic. The bottom layer of the dog snuffle mat has reinforced high-quality GSM anti-slip felt designs for stability while playing. 

Why You Need To Invest In SunflowerCorn Snuffle Toys Bundle For Your Dog To Reduce Behavioural Problems And Weight Lost?

Hypoallergenic & Alleviate Skin Irritation

Fleece and Felt fabrics composition are abrasion-resistant and hypoallergenic. They do not cause skin irritation and are gentle on the furkids' snouts.

Beat Boredom and Destructive Chewing Behaviour

You can hide treats or kibbles in the snuffle toys to encourage dogs' curiosity and natural foraging skills for stress-release games. It also trains your dog's sense of smell, expends energy, beats boredom, and prevents destructive behaviors like chewing on shoes and furniture.Why SunflowerCorn Snuffle Toys Are Different From Others In The Market?

Mental Stimulation And Train Intelligence

They take longer to solve the puzzle, stimulate their brains, reduce excessive barking, and improve intelligence. It also slows down eating and aids in digestion and weight control.Easy Storage And Washing Machine Friendly 

Prevent Overeating and Throwing up

The dog bowl mat mimics the hunt for food in grass and fields. Any animal with a foraging instinct can benefit from this toy as it slows down eating, aids in better digestion, and help to lose weight.You can throw both the sunflower puzzle and corn dog play mats into the washing machine, and they are also dryer safe.

Why SunflowerCorn Snuffle Toys Are Different From Others In The Market?

Unique Sewing Technique and Double Stitching Method

The SunflowerCorn Snuffle Mats are handmade with unique sewing techniques using double stitching methods, making them solid and durable for aggressive chewers.

Make Feeding Time Fun For Your Pets and More Challenging To Play

Two toys combined level up the game and make it more challenging for your furkids to play. You can also switch it up and interchange them for novelty fun. You can use the corn for snack time and the sunflower mat for dinner time.

High GSM Anti-Slip Bottom Cover

High-quality 450 high GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) anti-slip felt material for the bottom layer that is thicker, heavier, and better performance than the identical knockoffs in the market.

SunFlowerCorn Snuffle Toys Bundle

These are slow feeding devices for your pets, not chew toys. Please stow them away after feeding and playing for hygiene purposes.

We recommend using the Corn Snuffle Toy for snack time and the Sunflower Mat for dinner time to add fun to their mealtime and slow down eating habits.

Supervision is still required for puppies.


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