About Us

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AdoptAgust is a family business cofounded by one brother and two sisters based in San Francisco (USA), Singapore, and Sydney (Australia). We are animal lovers, rescuers, and caregivers with a knack for designs. Our parents met and worked at an animal shelter, and we grew up with many rescued pets in our animal-loving home.

We design all our products, and this is the passion project that keeps us connected and working together since we live abroad in different countries. Our apparel and accessories are printed and shipped from California, and our pet toys are handmade from our farm and facility in Guangdong, China.

Our mission is to create unique designs and gifts for pets and lovers that inspire kindness, real-life adoptions, and animal support. 20% of the purchase from our store is donated to animal shelters worldwide. Like and Follow us on FB, IG, ETSY & PIN @AdoptAgust.

We dedicated this business to our beloved dogs, Gus and Isis, who have crossed the rainbow bridge. You have inspired us to start this business, rescue work, and animal shelters. Run freely, my kids! And I love both of you very much.

We support responsible dog breeders and rescue groups. It's OK for a dog lover to responsibly get a dog from a breeder or shelter.
Adopting a dog is a beautiful thing!
But buying a puppy is terrific too!

It's also vital for good breeders and rescue groups to work together, supporting each other. Rescue groups need good breeders. It's important to "shop around" and do your research to get the dog or puppy right for your family. We can all agree that puppy mills are terrible. Good breeders should not be lumped together with puppy mills.

Dog lovers shouldn't feel guilty about buying a purebred puppy but should also consider helping shelter dogs! You can do both, and many of us do! (Such as ourselves!) For example, I have bought a purebred schnauzer from a responsible breeder, but I also support my local schnauzer rescue groups. We have also adopted rescued street dogs and cats from shelters in our homes. It's possible to support both responsible breeders and responsible rescues!
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